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Birthdate:Jul 5
Basically, I'm this but here instead of there. And I don't have a whole load of DW accounts. Um.

List of my pups (All of the accounts are livejournal ones, except where links are provided.):

Ace McShane (Doctor Who) - chemistry_ace
Luke Smith (Sarah Jane Adventures) - justanormalboy
Matron (St Trinians 2007) - st_matron
Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr (Codename: Kids Next Door) - 2x4_genius
Sharpay Evans (High School Musical) - princess_tiki
Turlough (Doctor Who) - ginger_minx
at old_school_ties (On livejournal. No longer an active community.)

The Brigadier (Doctor Who) - fiveroundsrapid
The Jumblies (inspired by Edward Lear, but mostly OCs) - sea_in_a_sieve and [personal profile] sea_in_a_sieve
Harvey (Harvey the 1950 film) - 7ft_tall_pooka
Arnold of Todi (The Box of Delights) - arnold_of_todi
Illya Kuryakin (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) - blueeyedspy
Turlough (As above)
at milliways_bar (On livejournal. During the move to dreamwidth I chose not to transfer any of these accounts, so technically I don't play any of them anymore. Technically.)

Doctor Donald 'Ducky' Mallard, ME (NCIS) - autopsyduck
Allison Reynolds (The Breakfast Club) - basketcaseally
Gabriel aka The Trickster (Supernatural) - sortoftrickster
Captain Martin Crieff (Cabin Pressure) - honestlyapilot and [personal profile] honestlyapilot
Red Sharkey (Half Moon Investigations) - scarletshark
Simone/Simon Kroll (DårFinkar & DöNickar) - simone_simon
Ianto Jones (Torchwood) - bachgen_te at torchwoods
Molly Harper (a Torchwood OC) - jam_sandwiches and jam_sandwiches on ij
all been used at mixed_muses (on livejournal)

Also, without journals of their own, but I occasionally get needled into playing them anyway...
Albin Laroche / Madame Zaza (La Cage aux Folles)
Arthur Shappey (Cabin Pressure)
Bill Sykes (Oliver Twist)
Owen Harper (Torchwood)
Tony Stark (Iron Man)
Thommy Kendrick, Hol Porter, Nancy Mills, Amir Nagi and Lily-Jo Brooker - (Cabin Pressure OCs) - The Current Residents of Parkside Terrace (Martin's Housemates)
generally knocking about in mixed_muses or on private journals that are using bar rules.

At some point I suppose I'll transfer a lot of my stuff here from there, but at the moment, no. Mostly I just miss the random RPing and I figured I might as well start up again.


[Disclaimer: This journal is for role-playing purposes only. No infringment on existing copyrights is intended and no profit is being made.]
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